Rewarding Trade Show Team Members for a Job Well Done

Rewarding Trade Show Team Members for a Job Well Done

Jan 17, 2019 | Trade Show Exhibitions

Rewarding Trade Show Team Members For A Job Well Done

Once the trade show is over, it’s a good idea to let your team know how much you appreciate them. Putting together modular exhibit systems and coming up with a trade show itinerary can be hard work. Traveling for a trade show makes the entire experience especially challenging as well. Showing your team you’re grateful for their hard work is an effective way to boost morale. Your employees may also be especially willing to help again at future trade shows when they know their efforts don’t go unnoticed. Here are some memorable ways to let your team know just how valuable they are.


An Awards Ceremony

After the trade show, hold an awards show at your office. If there’s an awards show at the trade show venue, talk to the emcee to see whether you can acknowledge members of your team at the event. If you have the ceremony at your home office, invite your team members’ families to celebrate with you. The event can take place at a local four-star restaurant or an event space in the city. Encourage your team members to dress up to make the occasion extra special. Acknowledge the employees who were the friendliest to attendees. Honor those who went the extra mile to make sure your exhibit looked its best. Give the team a collective award as well for a job well done at the trade show. Posting pictures from the event on social media will further show your team how proud you are of them.


Newsletter/Email Feature

 Acknowledging your team within the company is an effective way to boost morale as well. Mention those who helped with the trade show in an upcoming newsletter. Include a picture of the employee, along with a short bio detailing his/her contributions to the company overall. You can even enlarge the newsletter write-up, put it in the breakroom and have a lunchtime reception. Even something simple like finger foods and beverages can make a huge impression on your team members. You can also do the same thing for breakfast. It’s a great way to start the day, especially right after the trade show.


Raffle Prizes

Raffle prizes are ideal after your team has handled or created show management systems and worked hard to make customers feel valued. This is especially true if you’ve put together elaborate gift baskets for attendees. Chances are your team members also admire some of these items and can put them to good use. Giving away elaborate raffle prizes shows your team customer service begins with serving your employees. As the leader, you have to show your team members they are your first “consumers.” When your team believes in your vision, they will effectively promote your products and services. Include a thank you message in a greeting card with the raffle prize. This personalizes the gift and makes it more memorable.


Working with Temporary Staff

To ensure that your employees aren’t completely exhausted at the end of a trade show, hire a team to set up and break down exhibits and displays.
This gesture lets your team know that you understand the work that goes into interacting with attendees. Partner with a catering company to bring your team members lunch or dinner from their favorite restaurant(s) during trade show breaks. Hiring temporary employees to take care of administrative or construction tasks, so your team can focus on customers, makes the trade show less stressful.