Creating The Perfect Trade Show Team

Creating The Perfect Trade Show Team

Dec 13, 2018 | Trade Show Exhibit Displays

Creating The Perfect Trade Show Team


Preparing for a trade show means making sure several aspects of your business are organized. You will have to make travel arrangements for the show, gather the right materials for your exhibit, and find the right team for the event. While it may be easy to find the perfect display stand or modular display systems, it may be little more difficult to choose a team. The team members at your trade show exhibits should have specific skills. These skills are essential for making attendees feel as though they need or want the products and services you offer. Here are some helpful tips for putting together the perfect trade show team.



It is important to know the personalities of your team members. Even if an employee has a pleasant disposition or a wealth of experience, he/she may not have a “trade show personality.” Team members who get visibly nervous when interacting with others can do behind-the-scenes work for the trade show, but probably should not be in the forefront. Employees who often get irritated or impatient when people do not immediately understand a concept should not be the “face” of your company either. Choose team members who are warm and welcoming. This is what potential customers will remember the most. Of course, these team members should also be familiar with your company’s services and products. Someone who is a natural “people person” will likely represent the company well. Attendees want to see that treating customer’s right is natural for your company. This will likely increase the chances that these attendees want to do business with you in the future.



 It is necessary that you choose a team member who knows how to work all the electronic devices at your booth. If your company has a graphic design or tech department, select an individual from this department to attend the trade show. A skilled team member is also necessary if you are adding fascinating features to your exhibit. Assign tasks like operating interactive screens, lighting and managing product demos to your most skilled team member(s).



It is a good idea to have a team member or two at the trade show booth with experience. The team member should have experience with attending trade shows, since the environment is much different from an office setting. He/she should also have customer service experience. This will make it easier for the team member to talk to attendees as they approach your exhibit. Someone with customer service experience can also deal with difficult questions and work to ensure the attendee is satisfied in a timely manner. Select a team member who has dealt with show management systems and is familiar with the overall character and the mission of your business. If you have to be away from the booth for a while, you can be confident that this team member will keep the booth running smoothly.



Attitude is important for all work tasks. It is imperative that your team members have a great attitude when interacting with attendees. Even if you choose a team member who does not have years of experience, he/she can sometimes make up for it with a great attitude. A willingness to learn and the ability to connect with potential customers make a huge impact on trade show attendees. Customer service is about making people feel welcomed, and giving them the impression that their opinions are valuable. When your team member has a pleasant attitude and is committed to assisting the attendee in every way possible, the team member can turn your leads into paying clients. Attendees will also remember how they felt at your trade show booth long after the trade show has ended. This could increase word-of-mouth marketing and increase attendance for next year’s trade show.