From Around the World: 10 Awesome Photos of Convention Displays

From Around the World: 10 Awesome Photos of Convention Displays

When looking at what kind of design you’d like for your trade show booth, it’s always helpful to draw inspiration from others. The beauty of the internet is that you now have access to thousands of examples showcasing excellent booth design.

It’s also helpful to look beyond our borders from time to time. Conventions are held the world over, and the designs are just as impressive as anything you’ll find on US soil.

From technology-based exhibits using futuristic designs to more down to earth, traditional styles used for food companies, the use of bright, bubblegum colors to more subdued color themes, the possibilities are limited only by the imagination.

Fusing local culture with modern ideas and intelligent design techniques, we showcase ten awesome convention displays to inspire you.



This German-based chair manufacturer found an incredible way to showcase their products. Let’s face it, chairs aren’t that interesting, but when they’re displayed across the ceiling like a giant paint-splash, people are bound to pay attention.

The bright yellows and contrasting blues and greens stand out like a work of contemporary art. The booth does precisely what was intended with this installation – it grabbed everyone’s attention.



People tend to look upwards when browsing trade show halls, but this installation at the Tokyo Motor Show gives its audience every reason to look down.

The trade show organizers imposed strict height restrictions for the event, so the designers decided to create the whole booth on the floor. Tempered glass made it safe to support an entire car and they displayed merchandise and a television screen.



What’s not to love about this mouth-watering booth by Vie De France? Made to look like a traditional French storefront with Parisian café style chairs and tables around the edge, visitors were treated to a sensuous array of bread and patisserie. Although you can’t tell from the photo, we’ll bet it smelled amazing!



We love the sweeping curves of Natural Resources Canada’s booth. Even the stools match the curved aesthetic design. This booth needed to display a lot of information, and the designers have achieved displays that don’t overcrowd the space nor overwhelm the viewer.

South Korea

Created to promote tourism in South Korea, this booth has an eye-catching color scheme and draws people in with its café-style area, showcasing traditional Korean food. Additional areas cover other interests in South Korea so that visitors can experience the country.



Sleek, simple, and sophisticated. This booth didn’t require a large budget to create, but it conveys exactly the right message with its design. This Turkish Pavillion at a food show almost looks like an upscale jeweler rather than a food company. The lit display cabinets offer an effective way to display goods without breaking the bank.



Intel’s display at an IT show in Barcelona really lit up the show. Polycarbonate and vinyl cuboid shapes were suspended on the ceiling to create a cloud. Soft pastel colors rippled through the design, constantly changing color.



The Thailand Pavilion at IMEX 2011 used tessellating gold panels to create the illusion of a vast gold pagoda – a common sight in temples around Thailand. The gold design runs throughout the pavilion, creating a cohesive and pleasing look.


One of Brazil’s greatest exports – Havaianas – is known for its colorful designs. The company has perfectly captured the essence of its footwear in this bright and fun booth design.

Made to look like a beach shack complete with palm trees, bean bags, and umbrellas, visitors felt like they were taking a vacation.


This trade show booth from Milan proved that a theme using a single bright color can work exceptionally well. The canary yellow is offset against the black and white in a variety of patterns and textures that keeps the design impressive. The booth ran the risk of looking cold and clinical, but clever use of lighting made sure the booth was warm and inviting.

How to Research Ideas

No matter where you are in the world or where you look for inspiration, you’re bound to find something that speaks to you and your business. There’s so much choice and so many ideas that your hardest task will be narrowing them down.


You can research convention booths from different countries by searching for their trade shows. Most trade show websites have galleries, so you can view pictures of the booths and events as a whole. You can also narrow down the search to trade shows within your industry, such as IT, food, beauty, or apparel.

Another good way to look for inspiration is to research popular brands from different countries, and check out the convention displays they have used in the past.

If you’re lucky enough to pay another country a visit, why not see if there are going to be any conventions while you’re there? Seeing booths first-hand is one of the best ways to get ideas and it will help you assess exactly how each booth operates, which can be hard to do using a photo.


Determine Your Design

When choosing your convention booth design, work out what message you wish to convey first. All of these booths work perfectly in creating the desired mood and atmosphere. The booths support the messages and identities of the brands.

It’s easy to get carried away, so also remember your budget, booth dimensions, and available time. These are all important restrictions that you must be realistic about.


Excellent booth design can be found all over the world. Where will you find your inspiration?