Charge Station Features For Your Trade Show Exhibit

Charge Station Features For Your Trade Show Exhibit

Nov 29, 2018 | Trade Show Exhibit Displays

Charge Station Features for Your Trade Show Exhibit


There are several ways to make your trade fair booth especially appealing. Bright colors at your display stand can draw attendees to your area. Music and lighting can make the exhibit more attractive as well. However, additional features like a charging station can also make your exhibit one of the most noticeable at the trade show. There are some accessories you can add to the charging station that will come in handy for attendees. When potential customers are spending a considerable amount of time at your exhibit, they are more likely to learn about your products and services in detail. Here are some of the perks that make a charging station one of the most important parts of your trade show booth.



Give attendees a variety of music to listen to while their phones, tablets or laptops are charging. This provides light entertainment while attendees read over the brochures or pamphlets you’ve displayed in the charging station. The type of music you play can also give customers more information about your business. If you choose light jazz or classical music, attendees will get the impression that your business is sophisticated and classic. If you play popular music, potential customers will get the feeling that you’re trying to reach a young demographic. If you’re selling products that are eco-friendly, playing nature sounds softly in the background is in keeping with the theme of your company and can help to attract the right customers.



If you have space, you should add seating and a small table to the charging area. This sends the message that customers can come to your exhibit and relax while they learn more about your company. The furniture that you select for the station should reflect the style of your business. Furniture with clean lines in colors like gray or black has a chic and stylish feel. Furniture pieces with rounder shapes in primary or pastel colors are ideal for companies that sell kids or family-friendly products. Add decorative accents to the charging station as well. Flooring that features your logo and large posters or banners around the station are both decorative and functional. These accents bring more attention to the station as well.


Charging Station Tower

A charging station tower is ideal if you have limited space.   If there’s no room for seating, a tower allows several attendees to charge their devices at once. The charging tower can also be decorated with your company colors to blend in well with the rest of the exhibits and displays in your area.


Various Outlets

Be sure to include outlets for Android and Apple devices. This may seem like a small thing, but when an attendee comes to your booth and there’s no place to charge his/her phone or tablet, this could turn them off from learning more about your company. Having outlets for all types of devices have also shown that you care about your customers and can anticipate their needs, which is part of effective marketing.


Promotional Tools

There are a number of promotional tools that you can include at your charging station as well. Your exhibits and displays can include monitors or tablets that feature company commercials.
Getting team members to record short commercials about the most appealing benefits of your business is compelling and interesting. You can also decorate the charging station with small marketing items that attendees can take with them. If you have samples of some of your most popular foods or small technological items like USB drives, encourage attendees to take a sample or two after their devices are charged. This increases the chances that potential customers will remember your company and contact you when they need your services.