Best Items for Trade Show Swag Bags

Best Items for Trade Show Swag Bags

Nov 27, 2018 | Trade Show Exhibit Displays

Best Items for Trade Show Swag Bags

Even if you have stunning exhibits and displays at your next trade show, it’s important to continue making an impact after the event.
This is why handing out swag bags can increase brand recognition and help you establish a larger customer base after the trade show. The items you include in your swag bags should be original, useful and memorable. Consider the cost of these items as well. This will help you choose the right items based on the type of trade show you’re attending. Here are a few swag bag ideas you may want to consider.


Edible Items

Items that attendees can actually taste are a great way to keep your products on their minds after the marketing event. If your specialty is baked goods, include a small cookie or brownie in your swag bags. Print your contact information on the packaging so ensure customers know how to get in touch with you. If customers have come to know your business for one particular item, include a sample in the swag bag. The trade show is also a good time to introduce new products to your core audience. Place a sample of a new edible product in the swag bags along with a link to a survey that customers can fill out online. This can help you determine how attendees feel about the product. If you get positive feedback, you can produce more of the goods. If attendees don’t respond favorably, you won’t spend excess funds producing the item in bulk.

Software Items

Place swag bags filled with software items on your display stand for attendees to take advantage of. If you sell items that attendees can use on their computers, marketing items like mouse pads, USB drives and technological device covers make great marketing gifts. You can also include a discount card in the bag directing attendees to your website. Those who attend the trade show can receive a percentage off your latest software items or free shipping on your most popular item(s). It’s also helpful to include cards or pamphlets with short instructions for how to use your software if you offer a free trial. All your contact details should be included in the swag bag. Encourage followers to go to your website to leave reviews, and to interact with you on social media. This will give you honest feedback and may increase interest in your company when other followers see what attendees have to say.

Office Supplies

Everyone needs office supplies, especially if you’re exhibiting at a trade show for fellow business owners. Your trade fair booth could be more appealing for attendees if your swag bag is filled with supplies like pens, pencils, and coffee mugs. Small notebooks, day planners and calculators can make practical marketing gifts as well. All of these items should be decorated in your company colors and include your logo. Giving attendees branded items that they will actually use every day can be effective over time. When people see your logo every day, they are more likely to get in touch with you when they need your services or products.

Sports/Athletic Items

Exhibit booth displays that encourage people to be more active can be a hit at trade shows. If your company sells athletic apparel or items that help to improve the health of customers, sports-related items make a great addition to your swag bags. Wrist and headbands, as well as water bottles and stopwatches make memorable marketing items. If you have a partnership with a local fitness center or gym, work with these businesses to provide membership discounts to attendees. Your business savvy and sense of community could be appealing enough to turn attendees into long-standing customers.