B2B Trade Show Tips

B2B Trade Show Tips

Jan 15, 2019 | Trade Show Exhibitions

B2B Trade Show Tips

The main focus of trade shows is usually to appeal to attendees who will hopefully turn into customers. However, there are B2B trade shows that allow you to showcase your products and connect with other business owners. These corporate events could even give you the necessary exposure to create lucrative partnerships. To make the most of a B2B trade show, keep these helpful tips in mind.


Know Your Target(s)

Before you set up your exhibits and displays, make sure you know which businesses you want to attract. If the trade show is niche-specific, try to attract businesses with products that are complementary to yours. For instance, if you sell computer supplies, like ergonomic computer mouse devices, try to appeal to companies that sell USB drives. You can collaborate on gift bag items and even refer customers to each other’s exhibits. If the trade show isn’t based on a particular niche, look for businesses that could serve your demographic. As an example, you could promote your organic snacks and meals while also bringing attention to your favorite food storage company. You can work with the company to form a partnership, so that your foods will be packaged by them at an upcoming show. When you know who you want to attract and why, you’re likely to get a more positive response.


Get Familiar with the Show

Preparing for a B2B trade show is more than setting up display rentals and getting the right team members to attend the show. You should know about the type of events that will occur at the show. If there are seminars or extended product demos, be sure your company is represented. Ask a team member who is experienced in giving presentations to talk about your business. If there’s a networking event or mixer before or after exhibition, make sure your team is present. If you’re familiar with the show schedule, you’ll feel more comfortable at the event. This will also give you a better idea of what to say to other business owners.


Be Ready to Learn

Take a look at the trade show exhibits of other businesses to get inspiration for the next show. If possible, set up meetings with other business owners at the trade show. If other company owners want to meet with you, accept as many meetings as you can. Picking each other’s brains can give you interesting insight into things you can do to improve your business overall. Attend as many seminars as you can. Assign team members to certain seminars and ask them to take detailed notes. Go over the notes at your post-trade show meeting, so that everyone can get helpful information from the show.


Don’t Be Afraid to Network

Make your presence known at trade show-sponsored networking events. Put together marketing packages geared toward fellow business owners. Offer samples of your products and come up with engaging demos. Just like you want to make a great impression on customers, you want business owners to be impressed as well. Being friendly and engaging is just as important when you’re talking to fellow company owners. Be open to listening to what other professionals have to say as well. Remember, you’re at the trade show to learn and benefit from the things you’re exposed to. After the trade show, don’t forget to follow up with business owners you’re interested in partnering with. Follow these businesses on social media and visit their websites. Positive interaction sends a positive impression and could prompt business owners to return the favor. This could prepare you for future trade shows, where you’ll look forward to making new connections.