Amazing Examples of Storytelling in Exhibition Booths

Thoughtful planning and booth design can go a long way, making your booth more shareable and immersive at your next trade show. Incorporate storytelling to help your visitors understand what you do and why, and you’ll see the results at your exhibition booth and your bottom line.
Amazing Examples of Storytelling in Exhibition Booths

Through storytelling, you can offer your visitors engaging, direct access to your brand. Much more interesting than a list of statistics or dates, communicating the story behind your business creates an emotional response in your potential customers. An exhibition booth is a powerful medium for communicating your brand story. You can transport your visitors into your world, your way of thinking, and your way of doing things.

Here are some things to consider to master the art of storytelling in exhibition booths, and then think about these elements as we look at some examples so you can see what we’re talking about and be inspired regarding your brand.

Transport the Visitor

Creating an immersive exhibition booth will not only get your business noticed at any trade show, but it will help your visitors connect with your brand. If you can bring them into your world, they become part of your brand while they are in your booth.

Transporting the visitor doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. It can be achieved with simple elements, such as color, lighting, shapes, and other basic design elements that represent your brand and make your business larger than life. 

Be Playful

Do you wince whenever someone wishes you fun at your trade show? If so, it’s time to embrace the fun aspect of exhibition booth design. With a great design, you’ll enjoy showing off your brand and people will love being part of your brand experience.

Consider incorporating a fun, off-the-wall element in your exhibition booth design, therefore, which might involve an actual game, live demonstrations, or costumes. When visitors have fun at your exhibition booth, they are associating very positive feelings with your brand.

Think About Experience.

We recommend using your exhibition booth to help people experience your products or services for themselves. Communicating ideas or educating is often most powerful with a hands-on approach. Again, connecting positive feelings with your brand is great for your brand awareness and brand recognition.

Be Shareable

Create an exhibition booth that is so good people want to come back with their colleagues. We love this goal. If you can run an exhibition booth worthy of sharing on social media, you’re winning.

With these elements in mind, take a look at some great examples of storytelling in exhibition booths.
Orange Amps

Orange Amps is blessed with two elements: a fascinating brand history and an obvious color for its booth design.

The team at Echelon Design did a great job of taking exhibition booth visitors on a journey through time, recreating the feel and image of the Orange Amps business over the years as they celebrated 50 years of product development, innovation, and passion for music.

Beauty rest

Beautyrest is another company with a long and proud history. It has been in the bed and mattress business, promoting comfortable sleep, for 150 years. One of its most recent stand-out moments was the brand’s appearance at the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas in 2018. What better way to demonstrate the comfort of Beautyrest beds than inviting people to sleep in them for the night? One hundred and fifty people, to be exact.

As composer Max Richter brought his 8-hour composition “Sleep” to the festival, a composition intended to be experienced while sleeping, Beautyrest provided the required furnishings: 150 beds, pillows, and eye-masks, and plenty of branded goodies, managing to promote both peaceful sleep and their high-quality brand.

Check out any image of the event and you’ll see people recording and sharing the event via their smartphones. While these people didn’t get a perfect night’s rest, they will have done wonders for Beautyrest’s brand awareness.

Quinn Popcorn

Quinn Popcorn knew how to take immersive experience to the next level with their admittedly and deliberately over the top cardboard trade show booth. They said they wanted to create a display that made people want to come back with their co-workers. We think this is a great way of thinking. Can you make your exhibit so good that people will want to share it?

The Quinn Popcorn booth featured cardboard chairs, a cardboard table, a cardboard television, and even a cardboard deer’s head propping up a Quinn Popcorn logo. There was no way of walking out of this booth without knowing that Quinn Popcorn believes it has reinvented microwave popcorn and that it has the creativity and drive to do just that.

The Quinn Popcorn team said they put a lot of energy into their show. They put the show into trade show, creating a design that spoke for itself, leaving staff free to be more insightful, interesting, and useful. It also looked like a lot of fun.

Capcom USA – Dead Rising 3

The creators of Dead Rising 3 could have stocked their exhibition booth with video game consoles, allowing their visitors to experience the gameplay of their zombie game for themselves. This would have been a great, interactive experience, but they pushed the boundaries to create an exhibition booth that was not just great but award-worthy.

They chose to immerse their visitors in the world of their video game by recreating that world in their exhibition space. Cue a destroyed auto repair and parts station, surrounded by yellow tape warning visitors of a zombie outbreak in the midst of a regular trade show that looks incredibly regular by comparison.

In case anyone at the show didn’t hear about the game, they had “live” zombies reaching through the shaky fence to startle passersby.

Feri & Masi at Cersaie 2016

We love the clean lines, symmetry, and space created by this design for Portuguese tile manufacturing firm Feri-Masi. This is a company that clearly puts design and beauty at the center of all it does. Just look at their Architecture Design Center.

They brought this energy and passion into the exhibition booth arena to demonstrate their brand to visitors. Visitors can enter the mindset of the brand and experience the products and the company’s ethos. 

See the effect the designers created with minimalist design and what, in other hands, might have seemed like uninspiring color choices. Instead, the example tiles are perfect, demonstrating the attention to detail and potential for choice available to consumers.