Why not give your back wall a little curve?

In the world of trade shows, the back wall is king. It is a simple way to display your information. But with that being said, how do you set yourself apart from everyone else?

That is the ultimate question. Straight back walls are everywhere. The concave curve is common as well. Concave curves are popular but they take up valuable floor space and provide you with little to no storage opportunities.

So what are the options? Go Vertical!

The vertical curve will add some dimension to your back wall display and still leave room to use the area behind it for storage. Want to add lights? No problem! Need a monitor mounted or a counter? Literature pockets? There are several accessories available that can really help to customize your look and make you stand out from the crowd.

Consider adding a little curve to update your display for your next show!

Formulate curve
Revitalash Formulate curve
Revitalash Formulate curve