What Are Modular Exhibits?

What Is A Modular Exhibits System?

There are several display options available to you if you’re getting ready for a trade show. Modular booth systems may be a great option for you if you go to several trade shows a year and don’t have the same amount of space at each show. These modular exhibits allow you to showcase the most exciting aspects of your products and services in a way that is modern and visually appealing. If you think a modular display system would be best for your business, here are a few things you should know.


Modular trade show exhibits allow you to use a few modules to adorn your entire trade show area. For instance, you could customize one module to showcase your newest product or service, and another module that includes all your contact information. These modules can also be customized to feature your company’s colors and logo, which can be featured at the center of your display space to grab the attention of attendees. You can also choose a section that is designed for people to leave feedback about your business or their contact information, or use a module for a charging station so that attendees can charge their phones and tablets while spending time at your exhibit.


Modular display solutions can also serve the purpose of helping you to make the most of the event space you have without feeling like your exhibit is overcrowded. Since you can separate the modules and put them around your main trade show booth table, you can use as many modules as you need to make your décor complete. For instance, if you have lots of space, three or four small modules, each with a different purpose, may work well for your booth area. However, if you’re attending a large show and don’t have much space to work with, one or two modules with valuable information about your company may be a better choice. A variation of large and small modules can also be appealing to the eyes and helps you to make practical use of the space you have. If you use brighter colors for your modules, you can make the most of limited space and attract potential customers, especially if the module colors are combined with muted shades for the flooring or table cover for your exhibit.


When it comes to modular booth systems, the shape of the modules can make a significant difference in how appealing the exhibit is to potential customers. Even if you don’t have lots of room to work with, a circular or triangular module as one of the main pieces in your display can draw customers to your booth and get them interested in what your company has to offer. You can also arrange for one of your modules to have a screen that displays pertinent information about your company in a way that makes a great impression.

Additional Features

Finally, remember to add customized features like colored lighting and music to your modular exhibits to make your display one of a kind. High-quality photos that are wrapped around a module to showcase one of your products or highlight a review from a happy customer can also make your modular exhibit stand out in the best way.

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