Tips to Capture Leads at a Trade Show

Tips to Capture Leads at a Trade Show

Tips to Capture Leads at a Trade Show

A trade show is an excellent opportunity to capture leads. You need a clear strategy for capturing the details of the visitors who come to your booth, as it’s very easy to feel as though you’ve had a great weekend at a trade show but come away with little to show for it. Use these tips to capture information and use it to increase your sales.

Use Apps to Capture Visitor Information

Lead capture apps are a salesperson’s best friend at a trade show. It is far more efficient to capture visitors’ details using electronic forms than relying on pen and paper. Simply hand visitors an iPad with an app such as Leadsie, iCapture or Quick Tap Survey to capture their details, rather than waiting around while they fill in a paper form with indecipherable details. Choose an app that is quick and easy to use to minimize wait times. You can then automatically upload this information into your CRM system, without having to manually transcribe every detail.

Use Electronic Lead Forms

Some trade show apps can do more than simply capture customers’ names and contact details. Replace traditional lead forms by including a field that allows customers to leave questions or comments. This field can help you remember the conversations you had with particular customers and let you know how to handle your initial contact with them.

Always Follow Up

Don’t forget to follow up with leads after the trade show. In general, it’s best to follow up as quickly as possible, while the trade show is still fresh in customers’ minds. Send a friendly email to let your leads know that you enjoyed meeting them. Invite leads to check out your website or send information about your latest special offers. If you have particular information about the needs of certain leads, send personal emails asking whether you can provide more guidance for their purchase.


Trade shows offer an ideal opportunity to boost sales and develop new customer relationships. Remember to gather as much information as possible about the people you meet, so you can follow up soon after the show.

But don’t forget that before you put these tips to capture leads to work, you will need an attractive trade show exhibit booth that will draw visitors to it.

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