The importance of flooring

As an Exhibitor you might be thinking, “Why do I need to worry about flooring? Unless the Show site requires me to do this what is the big deal? All people do is walk on it. No one pays any attention to the floor.”

A few years ago that would have been true but we have now come into the age of “Smart Phones”. What does that have to do with flooring you might ask? Well, what are you doing when you are checking your email? Looking down…

Because of this fact, it has really changed the game. It is about the overall picture. Flooring can really add to your overall look. There are venues that do not require flooring because it is provided or not needed. This is where you might want to reconsider.

Here is an example of using the flooring provided by the exhibit hall. The other image shows the use of flooring and the difference it makes. The one on the left shows the ballroom carpet of the exhibit hall. The elements within the space look like they are floating. There is no definition as to the size of the space. On the right you can see how adding carpet gives the space an anchored and a more complete, clean look that helps separate it from the rest of the show.

Tix Track 20x20 display
Tix Track 20x20 display

Think of flooring as an addition to your over all look. Make it a part of your vision, whether it is bringing in a clean finish or adding a pop of color.