Modern Kiosk Solutions


Modern Kiosk Solutions


Like any technology, early adopters get ahead but tend to suffer from significant costs and a greater learning curve. Today, it’s relatively quick and easy to get started with a kiosk. But it’s no less important. Skills are in place to allow personalization so that kiosks can become incredibly valuable branding tools for exhibitions, tradeshows, shop floors, and other business spaces in multiple industries.


Digital signage is a part of digital transformation, you’re going to need kiosks to compete. It’s not just about keeping up with the Jones’s, digital signage and modern kiosk solutions offer you significant opportunities for branding and connecting with your customers. Whether on a shop floor, in a pop-up, or in an exhibition space, modern kiosks are attractive and improve engagement.


Modern customers like to engage with a brand through multiple media types. Fortunately, customers who do this also drive more sales. By offering a kiosk as another way for customers to interact with your brand, you can gather data, heighten your customers’ experience, and improve your bottom line.


Almost half of shoppers surveyed say that digital displays can influence their buying decisions by offering relevant information close to the point of sale. To make the most of this influential technology, it’s a good idea to start at the beginning.


Designing a kiosk

Kiosks are anything but uniform. They can be customized at various stages to reflect your branding’s look, feel, and values. For the most personalized results, customization should take place at the design stage. Kiosk designers can create eye-catching, meaningful, one-off designs that emphasize the feel of your brand and cater to the need of your customers.


To create a fully customized kiosk, Contact, The Exhibit Company.

Develop your ideas regarding:


– who your customers are

– how you want them to feel

– what functions the kiosk must perform



User experience incorporates the design, the software, and hardware facilitating communication between your business and your customer. Kiosks can come with software working out of the box, but tailoring a solution can be more effective and is a more modern way of doing things. The focus on the customer throughout is key.


Testing is critical, too. The final design should take actual feedback into account and incorporate it before the kiosk is reproduced and put into use.



Knowing early on what you need the kiosk to do will tell you what components will be necessary, which will affect the design. Will it need to accept cards and cash, and print receipts or tickets? Will it use a physical or an on-screen keyboard? Perhaps it will be appropriate to use motion sensor technology to detect when the kiosk should display messages. According to a survey, digital signage in kiosks attracted 72% more attention than online ads.


Found in tradeshows, fast food restaurants, shopping malls, financial institutions, and many more locations. Modern kiosks provide internet connections, security for data, and touch screens. They are also adept at gathering data about how users interact with them, which helps businesses make better kiosks and, more importantly, better business decisions and improved relationships with customers.


Here are a few examples of how modern marketers are using modern kiosk solutions to reach their audiences.



A lightbox kiosk display is a powerful tool for reaching out to your people. Ideal for business locations as well as exhibitions and tradeshows, they grab attention and hold it. These great looking devices can be made with various materials and styles to match your branding and location.


Lightboxes are particularly adept at displaying branding imagery with high-quality backlit screens and optional stem lights. Despite their effectiveness, you can still set one up in minutes and you may be able to see the difference it makes to your environment just as quickly.


Interactive kiosks

Not only do modern kiosks attract attention, but they help customers engage with a brand. This is why you should think seriously about using an interactive kiosk for your branding and messaging, whatever your business location. It’s one thing to receive a video message and another level of depth when interacting with the brand.


Interactive kiosks work particularly well at tradeshows and exhibitions because they can provide useful information while staff on the floor are  occupied. Interactive kiosks offer information, take orders, take sign up details, guide users toward the products, services, and more.


When there is a marriage of an excellent user interface, useful, high-quality content, good-looking, functional hardware, and software that performs, you have the ideal interactive kiosk. It’s not good to neglect one of these factors in favor of the others. Your kiosk needs them all to do an excellent job!


Covid-19 solutions

Another advantage of using kiosks is that they reduce face-to-face contact that could risk spreading the coronavirus. A user can carry out many functions via  self-service, interactive kiosk.


Remember that it’s still necessary to clean hands when using such a screen. Therefore, it’s no surprise that some of the latest kiosks combine disinfectant gel dispensers with interactive kiosks. Even better is when the gel dispenser is motion-sensitive, further reducing the need to touch objects and lowering the potential for transmission of the Covid-19 virus. Modern gel dispenser units not only provide automatic dispensing but also monitor gel levels as well as other customizable options.


Outdoor kiosk solutions

These are much like their indoor counterparts, but are more robust, designed to be installed in the wall of a premise or inside a dedicated shelter. Expect a modern outdoor kiosk to be accessible to those with reduced mobility. Not only should they be installed at an appropriate height, but they may also feature a braille keyboard, jack socket, and auditive loop.


Bricks and mortar stores are far from dead. Many shoppers enjoy the tactile shopping experience and the ability to enter a brand’s world. Modern kiosks are a great way to make that experience unique and more enticing.


Modern kiosk solutions help modern businesses by facilitating purchases and sales. Accepting cash, cards, scanning articles, providing information, and completing various transactions. They do all this while gathering valuable data regarding their usage and providing another opportunity for effective branding in multiple environments.