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Las Vegas Trade Shows

Las Vegas, NV is listed in the top 3 states for holding trade shows across the country.  At a trade show, both small and large businesses representing a particular industry are brought together to display their products and services and connect with future partners and clients. Because Las Vegas is known for their beautiful hotels and many convention centers it is a great city for conventions, expos and trade shows to be held.

If you’re looking at the trade show calendar for events in your line of work and you see that there are several trade shows in Las Vegas, it could be worth your while to attend, especially if your company is in or near the Las Vegas area. You may want to connect with trade show companies that can help you design an outstanding exhibition booth by creating an engaging exhibit and enabling you to staff a team of experienced, friendly and dedicated individuals. All of this will help you make a great first and lasting impression at the event.

It’s also best to take a look at the Las Vegas trade show calendar since there are always marketing events and conventions going on in the city. This will help you determine which shows you can attend based on your work schedule and the time you’ll have to prepare for each event. For instance, if you have a company that sells diving equipment, you may want to make plans to attend the DEMA show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This is one of the best places to showcase your products, and you’ll be among trade show attendees who are coming to the event because they are in the market for what you have to offer. About 10,000 people come to this trade show, so there’s a good chance that you can make sales and profitable connections if your exhibit and product demos are at their best.

SupplySide West is another Las Vegas trade show you can make plans to attend if you’re in the nutrition/supplements business. If you have health and beauty products that are made from beneficial all-natural ingredients or if your focus is on sports nutrition, this is also an ideal event. Around 14,000 people attend this trade show, and you can also sign up for workshops and panel discussions to learn about effective marketing and organizational strategies, which means you’ll leave the event with valuable information, as well. SupplySide also has a feature called Ingredient Launchpad, which allows companies that are displaying innovative supplements and food ingredients to have a special platform to talk about their products and gain lots of marketing exposure. If this describes your company, you can get in touch with the trade show administrators to see if you can take advantage of this platform.

If you’re in the fashion industry check out WWDMAGIC. This trade show exhibits the largest selection of young contemporary women’s apparel and accessories in the fashion industry. Are you a new emerging designer? Set up your exhibition booth and display your hot trending collections this August at MAGIC, Las Vegas Convention Center.

Finally, remember that finding trade show companies to assist you may seem easy especially if you’re local, but this is not always the case.  Your trade show exhibition booth is the face of your company. It is extremely important to hire a company who are creative, have years of experience and the knowledge to design an exhibition booth personalized for your individual business.

The Exhibit Company is that company. They are approaching their 30 year anniversary and pride themselves in having built a fantastic reputation for providing eye-catching, unique and professional trade show exhibition booths.

Last but not least, Las Vegas has a wealth of accommodations, so it’s best to ensure that you and your team are booked at a hotel weeks or even months in advance so that you can focus on your next Las Vegas trade show and make it the best one yet. Best of Luck!

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