First Time Trade Show Exhibitor Tips & Tricks

First Time Trade Show Exhibitor Tips & Tricks

If you’re going to a trade show for the first time, there are a few things you should know about making a great impression on the people who may turn into regular customers. This means that it’s best to know about trade show trends so you can ensure that your exhibit will be one of the best in the venue. There are also ways that you can appeal to attendees with your customer service so that attendees will use word-of-mouth marketing to let even more people know about your business. Here are some first-time exhibitor tips to keep in mind.

Be Personable

First-time trade show advice means being friendly and interactive with the people who come to your booth. This means greeting every customer as they approach your booth, and letting them know that you’re there to answer any questions they may have without being too forceful. Make sure that you choose team members who are comfortable talking to strangers, and select employees who are very familiar with your company so they are prepared for customer inquiries. Attendees will often remember the way they were treated more than they remember your trade show booth décor, so make sure attendees feel welcomed and comfortable when they are at your exhibit. This is especially important since it’s your first time at a trade show, and you want to make sure that customers and potential business partners who attend trade shows often will have a great first impression of your company.

Quality Over Quantity

Remember that a quality exhibit is one of the best pieces of first trade show advice to follow. If you have limited space, a table covered with a quality or customized cloth makes the display look more polished. If you’re using modules for your exhibit, a module that is brightly colored or includes high-quality photos can draw people’s eyes to your booth. If you’ve only got one small table to work with, make sure your promotional materials make an impact. Remember that attendees will use these items long after the trade show has ended, so make sure that the marketing items you choose are practical and made with quality materials. For instance, a mouse pad makes a great promo gift since most people are at their computers every day, so make sure your logo is visible at all times and the mouse pad is made from durable material.

Know Your “Star” Products

Finally, showcase the products that sell the best at the trade show. Feature these items by letting attendees know how popular they are and how helpful they can be. It’s best to have a marketing meeting with your team ahead of time so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to answering customer questions about your top-selling items. It may also be helpful to come up with a short, bulleted list of the product’s benefits so that attendees can read this for themselves while they’re checking out the other features of your trade show booth. This is also another way to take the pressure off potential customers so they can learn about your products at their own pace.

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