Extraordinary Portable Trade Show Displays

Extraordinary Portable Trade Show Displays

Portable booth options are a great choice if you have to travel often for trade shows. Your booth is one of the best places for people who have never heard of your business to get information that could turn them into satisfied customers. A portable exhibition booth is also practical if you don’t have a large team coming to the trade show with you and if you want a booth that you can put together yourself. Here are some of the elements you may want to include at your portable booth to make sure you’re leaving attendees with a wonderful impression of your business.


A portable trade show counter or two at your exhibit can definitely come in handy if you have a product demo and want to have one-on-one conversations with customers. You can use a shorter podium for greeting attendees; it’s best to have one that allows you to comfortably make eye contact and shake hands if necessary. A taller podium can be used for short talks and product presentations, or you can use the podium to set up a tablet or laptop that attendees can use to input their contact information. This is a way to capture leads without putting too much pressure on the people who visit your booth. Of course, you can also use the counters to display the prizes you’ll be giving away for people who participate in raffles or conferences that you’re sponsoring since these are also effective methods for getting people to engage with your company.

Additional Seats

Even if your portable trade show booth is fairly small, you may still want to include a chair, bench or stool or two at your exhibit. This is a sign that you welcome attendees to come and stay awhile. Trade shows can also be pretty exhausting, and people will likely enjoy being able to take a little break after being on their feet for most of the day. You can play a short video or commercial for seated attendees that help them learn about your company and encourages them to leave their contact information if they want to know more. Or, the seating can be used for the charging stations you’ve provided. These are especially convenient at trade shows and can make it easier for attendees to remember your business and reach out to you after the marketing event is over.


Finally, the right backdrops can make your entire portable trade show booth come together, regardless of the size of your exhibit. If you choose a large backdrop and all the rest of your exhibit décor is in a neutral color, make sure that the backdrop features a variety of bright hues that will balance out your booth space and teach attendees more about what your company has to offer. The backdrop of your display can be the main feature of your display, especially if you have all your company contact information on the backdrop and attendees can see how your services and products work in short, concise phrases. Quality graphics are also necessary for the backdrop to help the entire exhibit come together.

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