The Best Pinterest Boards on Expo Displays

The Best Pinterest Boards on Expo Displays

Aug 20, 2019 | Social Media

The Best Pinterest Boards On Expo Displays

Pinterest has long been a hot spot for wedding planners, home chefs, and interior designers looking for inspiration. As you plan your expo display for an upcoming event, you too can benefit from Pinterest’s huge repository of images to spark new ideas.

There are many examples of eye-catching expo displays on the site. We’ve worked to pick out the best Pinterest boards on expo displays so that you can get right to the fun part — becoming inspired.

The Exhibit Company
Of course, we have our own Pinterest account. We use it to keep track of interesting and attractive trade show booths and inspirational ideas. Check out our custom trade show booth board for several examples of the kind of work we have done for past clients. From custom LED-lit backdrops to examples of our additional display signage, there’s a lot to check out on our Pinterest page.

Parag Lad’s Retail/Pop Expo Displays Board
Parag Lad is a display-space designer and visual artist based in Mumbia, India. Lad’s board focuses on retail displays, pop-up spaces, and of course, expo displays. From ultra-modern installations to point of purchase displays, to signage and lighting, it’s a good look at what are the most cutting edge trends in the design world.

Ton Van der Veer
A designer in Auckland, New Zealand, Ton Van der Veer has a Pinterest page full of inspiration for displays and stores, and brand-specific collections of inspiring displays. Whether there’s a brand whose aesthetic you like and you want to emulate it in your next booth, or you are specifically looking at, for example, how to include mannequins into your display, this account is full of Pinterest boards that can inspire your expo display.

Nimlok’s Innovative Ideas Collection
Check out this board full of innovative trade show ideas, including branding and marketing strategies you can use to attract people to your booth, and keep them there. If you see something that looks interesting that you’d like to try out for your own display, connect with our team at Exhibit Company to learn more about our custom trade show booths and accessories.

Event Manager Blog
This website, and its Pinterest account, is based on providing high-quality information and inspiration to event planners. If you are planning an expo, there are many boards here that can help, from event flyers to swag bags to a dedicated booth design board. Consider this a one-stop-shop for your expo inspiration needs.

Energy Parks Event Marketing Tools
Marketing is key in letting people know that you are part of an expo, as well as letting them know why they should show up and check out your booth or table specifically. This event marketing tools board on Pinterest has a lot of great, useful information, including how to build your budget, profiles of the types of people you meet at events like expos and conferences, social media strategies to boost your profile as you prepare for the expo, and apps that can help you make the most of your time and effort.

Fern Booths, Graphics, and Exhibits
Fern has many, many Pinterest boards well worth some time exploring, but it’s their booths, graphics, and exhibits board that may be the most inspirational to you as you plan your expo booth. From slick, modern booths, to organic-inspired botanical themed displays, to retro booths that bring in an element of delight and color, there’s something for everyone held within this curated board. While you’re there, check out their other collections, like the corporate and special events board.

Pantone Color
Pantone is well known in many industries as the global authority on color. While they do not have a board focusing specifically on expo displays or trade show booths, they have many boards devoted to trendy colors, classic hues, and the colors of the year, past and present. For your booth design, expo display, and marketing materials, it can be helpful to build it all around a color that evokes the mood you desire, as well as a color scheme that works with your company’s branding. Take a look at Pantone’s boards to help you determine a color scheme for your expo display, or dive deeper into their hue-based boards if you already have a shade in mind.

Epic Event Fail
We understand that planning for an expo can be stressful, especially if you are stuck thinking about worst-case scenarios and picturing how badly an event could turn out for your business. Laughter is the best medicine for this kind of expo stress, in our opinion, and the Epic Event Fail board shows you both what to avoid, and that things could be much worse than they are for you right now! Of course, we’re here to help you avoid any of these epic fails, so if you’re worried about booth design or how to best showcase your organization at an expo, reach out for reassurance and expert help.

Have you found something that you like, and want to find out more about bringing your idea to life for your next expo or trade show? Or, in the case of the Epic Event Fail board, maybe it’s something you definitely want to avoid, and want to know how you can keep your expo display on the right track. Either way, we’re here for you — our experience, expertise, and on the groundwork with organizations like yours means we have the tools, products, and strategies to make your expo display a success and keep you off the Epic Event Fail board.

Whether you need a custom-built expo display that will work for you for years to come, or want to test the waters with a rental, we work with you to find the right solutions for your needs. Contact us for a free quote online or call us toll-free at 800-576-0018.