Endless Possibilities with Custom Trade Show Displays

Custom Trade Show Displays

One of the most important parts of a trade show is having an exhibit that is attention-getting and memorable. There are lots of ideas to filter through when it comes to custom booths and working with your team will also help you decide which colors or version of your logo to use. The features of your custom exhibits should also be easy to package and transport if you’re doing this yourself. Or, you may have to hire a company to take care of this for you, which means you’ll have to research the company and make sure they are reputable and experienced. If you can’t decide which creative elements to incorporate into your trade show space, here are some ideas to consider.

Backdrop Walls

You can create a custom trade show booth with a large wall that serves as the main feature of the exhibit. The typical backdrop tends to be a curtain with a large poster of your company information in front of it or an oversized banner to go behind your trade show table, but there are other striking options that you can try You can choose a large vinyl wall with a giant graphic of your logo or an up-close image of your best-selling product. The backdrop can also be used to show satisfied customers or the feedback they’ve provided so that attendees can get a feel for the way you prioritize customer service. The walls can be the shape of an enlarged poster board, or you can choose a curved board that surrounds your main table and other exhibit elements. These designs are noticeable enough to catch the eye of attendees right away, even if they’re not near your trade show booth yet.

Table Throws

You can also make a custom trade show booth with a table throw. You don’t have to use a conventional tablecloth to cover your main table or exhibit table. Customizing the cloth with an embroidered image of your logo will make it one of a kind. You can also use a variety of bright colors for your table cover to make it the focal piece of the exhibit. Since the cover is on the table and not at eye level with attendees who are standing, you can use brighter hues without the display being too overwhelming. You can even make your booth stand out by using plastic or vinyl table covers that attendees can sign before leaving your booth. This will promote a sense of community and give you an idea of the type of turnout you had at the trade show.

Knowledgeable Team

Custom trade show displays also work best when you have an expert team member to perform product demos. Attendees may not notice all the aspects of your booth if you don’t have an employee who is knowledgeable and friendly to show them around your exhibit. Even if you’re using things like lighting or music to make your booth more appealing, be sure that the people you’ve chosen to work the booth know when to bring more attention to these elements so that the visual aspects of the exhibit are noticeable and memorable. When you keep all these things in mind, you may find that attendees will remember your booth long after the trade show and become regular customers.

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