Easy Trade Show Booth Ideas on A Budget

Easy Trade Show Booth Ideas on A Budget

Easy Trade Show Booth Ideas on A Budget for 2022

5 Tips for Trade Show Booth Ideas for Small Budgets

• Choose Right Banners
• Traditional Trade Booth Games
• Leverage Your Social Media Presence
• Renting trade show booth designs
• Booth size & location

If you’re attending trade shows often, you’ve likely figured out that you may have to cut corners here and there to make sure that you’re staying within budget when it comes to making travel arrangements for you and your team members while still having an impressive exhibit that will attract attendees. Here are a few budget trade show booth ideas that give potential customers a great impression of your company.


Use technology to come up with easy trade show booth ideas that are simple to execute but memorable. For instance, you can record a short commercial in your office with your team members to explain what your company does in terms that are easy to understand. There are a number of smartphones that have great video capabilities, and you can record the commercial in your office, so you won’t have to pay for a video set. Display the commercial at your booth to help answer customer questions and to give potential customers a peek into your company’s culture. You can also set up a survey online to get feedback from attendees. Not only is this more appealing than paper surveys to many customers, but it can be easier for you to keep up with the survey results if you conduct the survey online. You can use a computer monitor or tablet that you already have in your office to pull this off at the trade show, which means you won’t have to spend extra money on electronic devices.


Decorating with color to your advantage is another one of the best trade show booth ideas to incorporate into your display. Certain colors can have psychological effects on customers and attract them to your booth. For instance, metallic shades can indicate that your products are elegant and very valuable; you can achieve a similar impression if you use deep jewel tones like royal blue or purple. Medium shades of blue give an air of professionalism and indicate reliability, and variations of orange can make those looking at the sign feel hungry. Think about the goals you want to accomplish with your business and use simple trade show booth ideas like a tablecloth in the color of your choice or a tablet or phone cover in the main color to indicate uniformity and organization, along with the mental messages that the specific color sends to attendees.

Customer Service

Finally, remember that great customer service can be an affordable marketing idea. Get creative with your team to come up with ways to greet attendees when they come to your booth. Depending on the culture of the trade show, you may want to break out into applause when a new potential customer comes to your table. Alternatively, present promo items to customers in a funny and memorable way, such as having the item come off of a prize wheel or present the marketing gift to customers after they indicate that they want a gift on your online survey. Making sure that attendees remember your company after the trade show has ended increases the chances that these attendees will refer to your business the next time they’re in need of your products or services.

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