20x20 Trade Show Displays

A 20x20 trade show exhibit booth gives you 400 sq feet. Hopefully it is an island. Rules vary and peninsulas ( just like geography; where you are attached to another booth space) are very limited with rules at most events. At some events, there is no 5’ set back rule for peninsulas. ALWAYS check before signing up for your space. If there is a set back rule for peninsulas, your options are greatly limited. The 5’ set back is off each side of the back so you can only use the central 10’ for anything over 4’. It is highly limiting.

With an island space, your height limit increases. This is great as you can gain visibility from across the hall. This is when companies will often use hanging signs. However, this involves added expense of rigging at each and every show. If you have a sizable budget, it is the way to go. If your budget is a little lean and it’s your first time spending that much floor space, visibility can always be gained by having a tower and building up for height and branding.

With 400 sq ft, this size also allows for space for a meeting room. 100 sq ft of that space (a 10 x 10 space) provides plenty of room to seat 4 comfortably. If you want the space completely private with a door, 100 sq ft can get claustrophobic so allow a little more room. This can be avoided by using frosted plexiglass or anything but solid walls. Ask one of our consultants for more details.

Congratulations on being able to have traffic enter your booth from at least hopefully all 4 sides! Now is the time to figure out which are the most important aisles for traffic. Refer to your floor plan for the event, because nothing hurts worse than having your booth face the wrong way when you show up!

For more information on designing and building 20×20 trade show displays, contact us today.