Fabric Trade Show Displays

Adding fabrics to a display are a cost-effective way to get large, bold and vibrant custom images across a wide area with minimal seams. Fabric graphics are lower in cost than the older traditional way of doing graphics that use lexan or hard boards. They are less prone to damage than the harder materials. The fabrics can be washed, dried, steamed and ironed for easy storage. It is also possible to gain significant savings when the time comes to ship the display, as fabric graphics are much lighter. Not only will there be a shipping cost savings the lighter weight can result in lower storage costs.

Fabric trade show displays are growing in popularity due to the lightweight portable hardware, easy trade show set up, long lasting functionality and vivid graphics. The fabric can be applied to pop-up, tubular, magnetic, hybrid, tabletop, and geometric displays as well as counters and podiums, hanging signs and so much more.

Fabric graphics attached to display hardware in a few different ways. They can be applied with velcro, stretched over a tube frame, or with a silicon edge strip that is sewn onto the graphic. The silicon edge strip is then pressed into a channel on an aluminum frame, allowing for a very tight, wrinkle-free appearance. Fabric trade show displays are easy to set up and can be ready for your event immediately.

If you are interested in adding fabric to your trade show exhibit booth displays and would like more information regarding how fabric trade show displays can be more cost-effective and benefit your booth, feel free to contact The Exhibit Company. One of our fabric display exhibit booth specialists will be happy to help you and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Let's get started today!