Custom Trade Show Exhibits With Innovative Design

Custom Trade Show Exhibits With Innovative Design

Custom Trade Show Exhibits With Innovative Design

Whether you’ve been to several trade shows in the past few months or years or you’re just getting started when it comes to trade show events, it’s important that your exhibit is one of a kind. Of course, there are some elements that will be similar to other booths, such as table and podium shape, flooring choices or lighting, but you can use these features to create custom exhibits that will make your business especially noticeable. Here are a few ways that you can be especially innovative when it comes to your trade show exhibit, as well as some suggestions for finding the best trade show exhibit companies to help you get the job done.

Kiosks and Exhibit Tables

Even if you have limited space, you can show off your custom trade show booth design with smaller pieces like kiosks and exhibit tables that are colorful or have textural elements like plexiglass or faux brick. This will draw more attention to your booth and make the features like charging stations or product demo areas clear. You can also find ways to feature your logos on both of these items to increase brand recognition after the trade show.

Creative Use of Flooring

Flooring is another way to be innovative when it comes to custom exhibits. Hardwood flooring or tiles that look similar to what you would find in a quality office building will give your booth a professional feel and give attendees a great impression of your company. You can even have stencils of your logo positioned onto lights that shine directly onto the floor as another way to showcase your brand and use the flooring directly in front of your main table for large standing posters that provide more information about your company. You can also purchase additional flooring to position next to your main exhibit and designate this section as a charging station so that people can charge their phones and tablets while learning more about your business. Or, you can mark this space with a large rug that features your company logo and website.

Elegant Partitions or Curtains

If you’re looking for a creative way to separate different sections of your exhibit, large partitions or curtains can add an elegant and visually appealing touch to your display. You can also use the partitions as another way to promote your company since you can have these materials customized with your logo and social media handles.

Weather-Resistant Outdoor Accessories

Remember that innovative design is also necessary if you’re attending a trade show outdoors. Flag banners that can be positioned in front of your exhibit are always attention-getting, especially if you purchase them in bright colors. Since these items are designed to flow in the wind, the windier the weather, the better. Windy conditions often come with rain, so be sure to get accessories like large umbrellas to connect to the tables that are part of your exhibit. A large awning in your company colors that features your slogan or logo can also make your exhibit stand out, or you can customize the awning with snapshots of your products or quotes from customer reviews to attract more customers who will hopefully patronize your business for years to come.

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