Too Busy? Try These Tips to Streamline Your Expo Display

Good news for busy people. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. With the right attitude for your next expo, you can attract the right people to your booth and have a fun, productive, and successful trade show.

No matter the size of your space, no matter how much time you have to prepare, we have the tips that will help you get the most out of your booth and your event.

Avoid Clutter

You want people to enter your space and feel free to move around. The fact that you don’t have time to fill your space is an advantage. 

Imagine visitors with arms full of other people’s marketing literature and freebies, bumping around inside your space. Is there room for as many visitors as you would like, plus your marketing material, plus you? If you are very busy, perhaps your visitors are too. Use your expo to get to the point and give them room to explore and interact.

Pop-Up Displays and Fabric Displays

These have become industry staples because they are super easy to build and tear down without necessarily compromising on impact. For additional style with not much extra time required, for example, you can try a backlit fabric display. Whether you are working within a tight budget or you don’t have time to craft an elaborate display, pop-up and fabric displays provide practical solutions.

Just getting your stuff to the event can be difficult. Not so with pop-up and fabric displays. They are easy to store and transport, which can save you a lot of time. 

Tabletop Displays

While banners are the kings and queens of attracting attention, tabletop displays will help you hold it. They add excellent 3D, potentially interactive elements to your display. 

If you produce a product, a tactile tabletop display can be especially useful. If not, you can still use a tabletop display to great effect, and it doesn’t need to take a lot of time to set up. 

Portable Accessories

A podium is an excellent example of a portable accessory that you can set up and tear down quickly. It won’t absorb your time or your budget but can enhance your expo display by aiding organization, creating a focal point, and providing you with more space for graphics without requiring a permanent structure. 

Hanging Signs

Easy and quick to install, hanging signs will rescue any busy trade show attendee. Use high-quality graphics and professional design for powerful signs that attract visitors and get them ready for your expo display. 

We recommend that trade show exhibitors looking to streamline, communicate messages via hanging signs. Not only are they quick to erect, but they don’t take up floor space, which means that you can avoid your display looking or feeling cluttered. 

Video Monitors

Video packs a punch as a medium for communicating your brand messages. You can send various messages using one or more screens for your expo. And mounted properly, they will be both unobtrusive and highly-visible.

People retain information better via images or video compared to text, so incorporating video into your expo could be a great way to educate visitors, extol the virtues of your products or services, or just to create a lasting memory of your brand. A video demonstration of your product or service can be very engaging, an especially good idea if you wanted to set up a full live-person demonstration at the expo but don’t have time.

The flexibility of video monitors means that you can change the messages you send on the fly. Or you could use your screen or screens to incorporate games or other interactive elements to make your expo display more engaging and more memorable. 

Look Out for Badge Scanners

You will be able to rent scanning devices at some events. They can make things go more smoothly during your show. Instead of exchanging business cards with new contacts, all you have to do is scan the visitors’ badge, and you will have their contact details. You can add additional details manually if required. 

When you want to see as many people as possible and focus on your conversation and building relationships, a badge scanner can be an effective energy-saving and time-saving device.

Get Some Help

Many hands can make light work of setting up your booth. Consider getting in some extra help to set up the expo and take it down, if not for the entire show. Some businesses hire help from sites like Fiverr as a way of streamlining the creation and storage of their display. 

Your designer may also be able to help with installation. A high-quality design can be enhanced by professional installation. And it can be a lot quicker than going it alone too. 

Network with Everyone

If networking only happens at your display stand, you are not streamlining your expo experience. Everyone you meet at the trade show in every location presents you with an opportunity to offer your services or learn about other people’s needs or offerings. 

Networking includes talking to event organizers. They can be influential in helping connect you with the right people or stands. Let them know:

• Who you are
• What you do
• Who you are interested in meeting.

To get the best response from visitors, organizers, staff, and neighbors, we recommend a focus on being helpful. By connecting with nearby stands and helping them, for example, you may be able to rely on them to watch your position if you need to leave it short-staffed temporarily. This means that you won’t miss opportunities even when bladders are full or backs are turned. 

Taking the time to plan can save you a lot of time during your exhibition. If you’re particularly busy and worrying about the effectiveness of your expo display, know that you can achieve your goals with excellent design and planning for a streamlined, effective expo display.