Live Performances at Trade Shows

Live Performances at Trade Shows

Jan 29, 2019 | Trade Show Exhibitions

Live Performances At Trade Shows

If you and your team are preparing for an upcoming trade show, you’ll need to get creative. There are several appealing ways to pique the interest of consumers. In addition to colorful and professional modular exhibit systems, you may also want to include a live performance in your marketing. These performances can get you a lot of attention at trade shows, but have to be done correctly. The live performances can be entertaining and help customers to remember you after the show. Here are some elements to include in the performances that will make them an effective marketing tool.

Be Professional

In addition to your exhibit design solutions, your performance should be professional. If you’ve decided to ask a celebrity, spokesperson or mascot to perform, prepare extensively for this part of the show. Make sure the performers do a sound check before the event. If there are necessary props for the performance, ensure they are working correctly. Make sure the trade show venue knows a live performance is part of your exhibit. You’ll need to designate a space for the performance and ensure that the area is safe and efficient.

Have Fun

Make sure the live performance is fun and entertaining. You want to showcase your company and products in a great light while giving attendees something to remember. A catchy song or jingle can help to increase brand recognition. If you’re asking a professional artist to perform, request that the artist sing one of their currently popular hits. Or, you can ask the artist to sing one of their songs that has been extremely popular over the years. Decorate the stage with your company colors or a large, elaborate version of your logo. This heightens brand recognition and adds visual appeal to the performance space. Your team members should also be fun and engaging. When the entire team is fun and upbeat, it will draw more potential customers to your exhibit.

Engage the Audience

When you attend corporate events, audience engagement is important. Conduct product demos on stage so that people can see how your products work first-hand. Make the demo like a magic show. Add special effects and music that will make your performance one of the trade show’s main attractions. Choose songs that customers can sing along to. This helps them remember your company once the trade show ends. You can also schedule short performances throughout the trade show and hold a raffle. This will keep attendees coming back to your booth and increase the chances that they’ll tell others to see your exhibit.

Provide a Call to Action

Even though you’re providing entertainment for attendees, give them a call to action as well. Encourage attendees to visit your booth to get marketing materials, white papers, and practical promo items. Ask attendees to leave their contact information at your booth as well. This will help you create a list of leads you can follow up with after the show. Make sure you’ve chosen exhibit design solutions that make it easy for customers to get to you after the performance. You can even give attendees a wristband or all-access pass before the performance if they leave their contact info and/or request a product demo. This makes attendees feel as though they are attending an exclusive event. The marketing tactic could make attendees more likely to buy your products in the future. When potential customers feel they are part of a special event, they are more likely to become long-term consumers. This will also boost excitement about future trade shows, where you may have an even bigger turnout