The Most Innovative Things Happening With Display Stands

The Most Innovative Things Happening With Display Stands

Aug 27, 2019 | Trade Show Exhibit Displays

The Most Innovative Things Happening With Display Stands

As with practically every industry, technology and innovation are making an impact on the exhibit, trade show, and display stand field. We are excited about the most innovative things happening with display stands and the trends ahead, and how they can help boost your business at your next event.

Modern Materials
Display stands can be unwieldily, heavy, and downright cumbersome, even when they are well-made. That’s because the usual display stand is constructed from heavier materials like wood, as this offers designers and the construction team flexibility and affordability. Still, the trade off has been the struggle to transport, set up, and tear down these hefty displays.

Now, with modernizations in how display stands are constructed, organizations can enjoy a lightweight, portable display stand with all of the strength and flexibility of wood. Aluminum, a light material, is used to create panels, frames, or a combination of both, offering stability and portability.

Digital display tech has evolved alongside the materials used, so lighting and other digital signage is equally lightweight and affordable, and just as flexible. Keep an eye out for dramatic, curved or shaped signs as part of display stands and booths, and consider what modern materials can do for you.

Fabric Display Stands Evolve
Fabric display stands have long been popular, thanks to their cost-efficient and portable, yet durable nature. As technology has evolved both for fabrics and for display stand materials, these economical options are even easier to transport, set up and taken down in a flash.

Today’s fabric displays are even more durable and vibrant than ever before, owing to the latest and greatest technologies in inks and dyes, which ensure that the fabric takes on the right colors and keeps them there through washing, drying, folding, and of course, transport and regular use. Modern innovations in fabric display stands also ensure you are getting the most out of your display dollars as they can be printed edge to edge.

Fabric display stands are also increasingly available in different shapes and sizes, from massive displays that are impossible to miss while remaining easy to move, to uniquely shaped fabric displays that showcase something different.

Want to make your fabric display stand even better? Marry two innovations — inexpensive, low-heat LED lighting, and modern fabrics and dyes. Put together, LED lighting illuminates your vibrant artwork in a controlled way that enhances the display stand and attracts attention in even the busiest settings.

Interactive Display Stands
Practically everyone in attendance at a trade show or similar event is used to interacting with technology. From the smartphones and tablets in our pockets and bags, to the smart home features many of us use on a regular basis, it’s almost rare to encounter a space without interactive elements — so why not include interactivity in your display stand? Innovations in technology, especially augmented reality and virtual reality, mean you can bring your digital strategies to life as part of your next display stand.

Touchscreens, smart wayfinding, the ability for visitors to use their own devices to interact with your display stand in an augmented way, virtual reality presentations and demonstrations — there are many ways to use tech to make your display stand memorable, and better yet, these options are becoming more and more affordable every day.

Something as simple as a phone charging area built into your display stand offers a chance for visitors to interact and engage with your staff and the booth itself. You will have their attention while they wait for a power boost, so it’s a great opportunity to introduce yourself, showcase any other tech you have in place, and ideally, build a new lead.

Including Social Media
Social media is where people share, discuss, debate, and influence. Now, with some of the above-mentioned interactive tech, you can bring that engagement right to your display stand. Video walls, touch screens, and devices like tablets that are branded with your organization’s info allow visitors to share their thoughts, live. All it takes is the right technology, an effective hashtag for your company and the event, and a bit of direction and inspiration on your end.

Some companies, for example, offer random prizes to people who participate in the social media action, which in turn can inspire more people to come by your display stand to join in the fun. The goal of any display stand is to attract traffic so you can network with visitors, and a social media wall is compelling to many people, especially when there’s swag involved.

Digital Imaging and Planning
This innovation ensures your display stands look great and meet your standards, long before anyone is doing any kind of fabrication or construction. Modern concept designs mean you and your team can view and explore a display stand or other trade show design as a digital rendering based off of a design. It’s almost like being right there in front of the finished product, except you can make changes a lot easier, faster, and of course, less expensively than you would if you were making those adjustments once the display stand was in the construction phase.

In addition, by viewing the display stand as a 3D rendering concept, you can make sure that you have maximized on your space and what it can do for you. Sometimes an idea is great in words, or even transferred to a two-dimensional drawing, but misses the mark once it’s brought to life. Now, you can truly visualize your design and make sure that it meets your goals, with confidence.

We’re committed to staying on top of industry trends and innovations, so if you have read about, heard about, or even encountered a unique or eye-catching new display idea at an event, reach out to us to find out how we can make it work for your organization. Contact us for a free quote online or call us toll-free at 800-576-0018.