Hosting a Seminar at a Trade Show

Hosting a Seminar at a Trade Show

Jan 31, 2019 | Trade Show Exhibit Displays

Hosting a Seminar at a Trade Show

Modular exhibit display systems and trade show exhibits are a huge part of trade shows. It’s important that these elements are efficient and look their best so you can properly market to attendees. However, you may also want to host seminars or workshops at the trade show. This gives you a chance to speak with attendees and business owners in more detail. You’ll have the chance to talk about your products and services and answer questions. It’s important to adequately prepare for these events to make the seminars effective. Here are some ways you can make the most of hosting a trade show seminar.

Work with a Team

Be sure that your team knows all about your show management systems before the seminar. Your team should know how to work all the equipment, including technological devices and projectors. This will make the seminar a seamless process. It’s also perfectly fine if you and your team members take turns making presentations. This helps to make the overall presentation more interesting. Assign team members parts of the presentations that are of interest to them, or aspects they have experience in. You can also come up with ideas that will help you interact with the audience. Team members can conduct product demos and assist attendees while they try your products. If you have customizable products, you can use part of the seminar to show how customers can make the product work for them.

Be Professional, Yet Entertaining

It’s important that you’re professional and informative during the seminar. The first things that will catch the eye of attendees are likely your exhibition and stands. However, once attendees have gotten used to the visual aspects of your booth, you’ll need to say things that will keep them intrigued. Attendees are coming to you for expert advice. This means you’ll need to be well-informed about changes in your industry. You’ll also need to practice the way you’ll explain the way your products and services work. Even though you’ll be giving out lots of professional information, you’ll also need to be entertaining. Whether you offer refreshments to guests, include music or encourage audience participation, it’s important that your seminar is memorable. Remember that the seminar is a marketing tool that will get customers talking about your company. It’s important to show your skill and expertise, but it’s just as important to be creative so that your seminar will have a great impact.

Be open to Questions

Make time in your seminar to answer attendee questions. You can open the floor to questions after each section of the presentation. Or, you can reserve question time for the end of your presentation. Attendees need to know you’re open to their feedback. Potential customers should also know you’re not afraid of questions and want to help them understand your company better. When you’re friendly and knowledgeable, you’ll improve your reputation. This may also increase the chances that you’ll have a bigger turnout at the next trade show.

Have a Plan for Follow-Up

Set up a display stand at the seminar site. Make sure the signage makes it clear that you want seminar attendees to leave their contact information with you. Offer a free promo gift for those who supply their email or physical addresses. Work with your team to come up with a friendly follow-up message that will encourage attendees to continue engaging with you. You can even follow-up by offering discounts or free items to seminar attendees. Make sure you don’t wait too long to start the follow-up process. Thank attendees for coming to the seminar a few days after the show. Work with your team to come up with a long-term plan for keeping up with attendees, and to inform them of upcoming trade shows.