Features of Display Booths That Everyone Loves

Features of Display Booths That Everyone Loves

May 22, 2019 | Trade Show Exhibit Displays

Features of Display Booths That Everyone Loves

When designing your trade show booth, it’s easy to think that you need to have a huge budget. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that something flashy will draw crowds and be successful.

While it’s true that show-stopping booths do turn heads, smaller and more simple booths can garner just as much attention if done the right way. The trick is to focus on booth features that people enjoy and eye-catching details that make individuals stop and want to find out more.

The good news is that these features don’t cost the earth so no matter what your budget, they’re easy to implement.

They require some careful thought and planning, though, so start working on your booth design plenty of time in advance. This way, you’ll be able to make as much impact as you would like when show day arrives.


Don’t Be Vague

Marketing banners that don’t explain anything about the business or product are a turn-off for would-be visitors to your booth. It’s surprising how many booths at trade shows have vague or unclear banners, and posters that give nothing away about who the business is or what they do.

You’ve got a vital few seconds to grab attention before you get passed by. Be obvious about what you are promoting. People want to know “WIIFT” – “What’s in it for them.” Tell them. Give them a reason to stop and find out more.


Have Something Tangible Available

Having glossy pictures of your products look great but are a poor substitute for the real thing. People like to touch and feel products or have a chance to try them. Make sure you have a product display or demo available in your booth.

Obviously, this is going to be harder to achieve if you are a business that builds something like airplanes so think outside the box and have something like a virtual reality flight simulator or machine components available instead.


Have Worthwhile Freebies

It’s all about the freebies at trade shows. Attendees love them!

News of a booth with a desirable freebie travels fast so if you offer something cool and interesting you’ll get the people flocking to your booth.

Make sure you offer your freebie in exchange for an email address or business card. It’s a great way to build leads. This is how you make your freebies work for you. Don’t just hope that they will remind people of your brand later down the line. If you can, it’s very effective to make your freebies part of an active, measurable strategy.


Create a Pit-Stop

Trade shows are a hard slog – even in comfortable shoes! Attendees really appreciate booths that have taken the time to create a little space to sit down and relax. If they can have a coffee or a snack and recharge the batteries, this may be even better.

Not only does creating a relaxing and refreshing area make individuals linger at your booth for longer, but it also provides the perfect laid-back setting for your staff to chat to people.


Have Happy Staff

No-one wants to be pounced on as they’re passing by. Leave the aggressive sales tactics in the office. Pushy staff will only succeed in pushing people out of your booth never to be seen again.

Unhappy staff exudes unhappiness. And such impressions, even when perceived subconsciously, are a sure-fire way to limit your performance at a trade show. Your brand can even be damaged by a disconnect between its values and the values (or lack of values) exemplified by the people staffing your booth.

Staff needs to be approachable, cheerful and friendly. Allow them to dress comfortably, so they’re not battling all day with painful feet or stuffy clothes and ensure they have adequate comfort breaks. All of this will go a long way in maintaining a cheerful attitude, because they really will be happy instead of tired and uncomfortable!

Conversations should be informative and knowledgeable – not salesy. You want your audience to feel at ease when engaging with a staff member.


Hold a competition

Who doesn’t love a good competition?!

Holding a competition is a great way to get people to engage with your booth. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top or flashy. It could be a riddle or a puzzle that participants have to solve. Whatever you decide to do, make sure the prize is worth entering for and don’t forget to collect people’s contact details in exchange.

You could also drum up enthusiasm by having floor walkers giving out “invite” cards to the crowds.


Have a Quirky Theme

Booths with quirky or exciting themes stand out from the rest and people enjoy them. Again, this is not just reserved for big budgets. Those with smaller wallets can do this too.

It’s a matter of thinking creatively and working out how you can make the best use of your booth space. For example, fake grass and picnic benches can create an outdoorsy space or large comfortable cushions. Soft lighting and low tables can give the impression of being in an exotic tent.

The theme needs to fit with your business, however, so don’t make it so obscure that people wonder why it’s there. The link between your theme and your business should be clear. Whatever you choose has to work in harmony with your products or services.



Have Entertainment

A great way to capture attention is by having some quality entertainment available. Trade show attendees love booths that have this feature, so it’s worth investing in.

People dressed in strange costumes tend to be a hit with the public, as are on-the-spot performers such as illusionists or acrobats. Tie the entertainment in with the theme of your booth, and you’ll be on to a winner.


Plan Well in Advance

Great booths with great features have been thoughtfully planned to make sure everything is cohesive and targeted to its audience. The key is to plan and create your booth layout and associated features well in advance of the trade show.


Being fully prepared and confident in the knowledge that your booth design works well will make your trade show and enjoyable and profitable event for your business. Working on your booth display may also generate new ideas; if you have done so well in advance, you may have the opportunity to make the most of your inspiration.



A great display booth is made of multiple parts. Focus on the quality and consistency of your design and you will attract the numbers.