Affordable and Practical Trade Show Promo Items

Affordable and Practical Trade Show Promo Items

Jan 3, 2019 | Trade Show Exhibit Displays

Affordable and Practical Trade Show Promo Items


There are lots of important aspects that go into making a trade show worthwhile for your business. Your team should be friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. You’ll also need colorful modular display systems that are made from quality materials. You’ll need promotional items to hand out to attendees. The promo gifts will boost brand recognition and help you make a great impression. Depending on your trade show budget, you may need marketing items that are especially affordable. It’s also best to choose items that are practical, so attendees will use them often. Here are a few promo gift ideas that could increase your customer base.


Pencils and Pens

These are common promo items for corporate events. However, adding striking colors and metallic effects can make pens and pencils stand out. Writing utensils make practical gifts, so you can be sure that attendees will use them after the trade show. Pens and pencils that are lightly scented or glow in the dark can make the marketing items even more noticeable. Be sure your logo and contact information are clearly printed on the pencils and pens for effective post-trade show marketing.


Computer Accessories

Practically everyone uses a computer to complete some or all of their professional and personal tasks. Computer accessories make great promo items. Fill your display stand with items attendees can choose from, such as screen protectors, mouse pads, and flash drives. These items should be decorated with your company logo and include the colors associated with your business. Your phone number, website, and social media handles should be included on the promotional gifts as well. You can also place the items in a drawstring or duffel bag to use as a prize package. The bag should display your logo as well, and serves as an additional marketing gift.


Stress Balls

Chances are your attendees are fellow professionals who likely need to unwind for a minute or two. This is especially true after a stressful day at the office. Show your customers that you can relate to this by providing stress balls as marketing tools. The items are soft to the touch and regain their shape after being squeezed. Customize the gifts with your company’s slogan, colors, and contact details. You can also choose fun shapes for the stress balls. If your business sells health and beauty products, stress balls in the shape of lips can get customers’ attention. Geometric shapes like triangles and cylinders are also eye-catching. These small details make your company different from the rest. The brand recognition will increase the chances that attendees who receive these gifts contact you when they need your services.


Cups and Mugs

Mugs and cups are practical promo items, especially for professionals who enjoy a cup of coffee or tea each morning. You can customize the cups by adding special handles to the mugs. Bright colors or designs around the rim of the mug can also get the attention of customers. There are several reusable cup styles to choose from as well. These are better suited for attendees who prefer cold drinks. The cups should be made from quality materials for durability. If your company is environmentally friendly, choose cups and mugs that are made from recycled materials. You can also fill the mugs and cups with additional marketing items. For instance, place a few of your organic coffee or tea blends in the mug for customers to try. Or, fill a reusable cup with candies and all-natural snacks. You can also place coupons and discount cards in the cups or mugs for attendees to use after the trade show.