Top 10 Creative Custom Trade Show Exhibit Ideas

Top 10 Creative Custom Trade Show Exhibit Ideas

Top 10 Creative Custom Trade Show Exhibit Ideas

Trade shows are the perfect time to allow your business to stand out. Since you’ll be in a different space, you’ll also have the opportunity to show your creativity in ways that you wouldn’t be able to display in the office, which is why it’s so important to come up with trade show booth design ideas that will solidify your company in the minds of consumers for months or even years to come.

1. A Live Element

A live representation of what your company represents should definitely be part of your custom trade show booth. Meet with your team to come up with a way to showcase your product in the best light so that attendees will understand how to use your services right away. For instance, if you have eco-friendly or plant-based products, set up a backdrop at your exhibit that features live plants that are being watered as you talk to attendees. This live element also makes it easier for people to understand how the natural ingredients in your products are selected and cultivated.

2. A Store or Office Replica

Work with a trade show exhibit company to build a small set that looks just like your office; this is a great marketing tool if your décor is often associated with your company’s reputation. Use the same colors and furniture that you have in your office so that attendees feel that they’re doing business with you as soon as they step into your exhibit space.

3. Just Add Water

Using paneling and electric slides that include water are among the trade show booth design ideas that will get the attention of attendees right away. A small fountain with water that is accented by colored lights is another element that can be used.

4. Encourage Learning

Give attendees a short tutorial of your products and provide useful information that customers will want to know about your company. Encourage potential customers to leave questions in a virtual suggestion box or conduct short interviews with attendees for live streaming.

5. Be Bold

A mascot, bright colors, and music are all bold ways to make your trade show booth design ideas stand out. Get people’s attention right away, so they’ll be motivated to stay at your booth for a while.

6. Interact

Don’t be afraid to interact face-to-face. Ask attendees what they’re looking for and listen to their responses. Interacting well with your team also sends the impression that your company believes in community and teamwork.

7. Add a Unique Element

A small fountain, a life-size replica of your logo, or a prize wheel are all unique elements you can add to your exhibit to make sure your table is different from all the others, which will appeal to attendees and motivate them to tell others about your business.

8. Encourage Feedback

Don’t shy away from feedback from attendees. Encourage them to tell you what they liked best and least about your exhibit and company.

9. Great Lighting

The right lighting can do wonders for your custom trade show booth. You may want to use stencils of your logo to shine onto the floor of your exhibit, or colored bulbs that feature your company’s colors and showcase your best-selling items.

10. Livestreaming

Finally, make sure that you use live streaming at your trade show exhibit so that those who aren’t at the show can still see your booth and demos in real time. You can also post this on your social media platforms and let your followers know when to tune in to bring more attention to your business, products, and services.


There are many trade show exhibit companies out there, however, it is extremely important to find the best trade show company who has the knowledge and expertise in designing a custom trade show booth that will be not only creative but will attract visitors as well. Look for a trade show company who can provide you with images of custom exhibit booths they have designed and built.

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