Impressive Pop Up Trade Show Displays

Impressive Pop Up Trade Show Displays

Pop Up Trade Show Displays

If you attend lots of trade shows or anticipate that you’ll be going to more marketing events in the coming months or years, you may want to explore pop up exhibition options. These exhibits are easy to set up and break down and some will offer you the flexibility to change the color and design of your booth easily. If you think a portable display would be best for your business, here are a few points to consider.


The colors you use in your booth can help to get the attention of customers and give them the right impression of the culture and philosophies of your company. For instance, if your products are all-natural or organic, using shades of green will help customers to feel more confident in the quality of your product’s ingredients. Green is also the color of growth and can indicate that your business is always looking for new and exciting ways to make customers happier and healthier. If you have a tech company, it may be a good idea to purchase trade show pop up banners in shades of blue. This is a color that indicates professionalism and reliability, so you’ll be letting potential customers know that they can trust your brand and products even before you have an initial conversation with them. If you’re attending a trade show where most of the business owners will be bringing edible samples, be sure that your pop up exhibition includes shades of orange. This color incites hunger and sends the message to the brain that it’s time to eat, which can make attendees more attracted to what you’re offering. The smaller your exhibit, the brighter the colors you can use since you won’t be putting too much strain on customers’ eyes and your booth will still be visible from miles away.

Display Type

The type of pop up display you choose can also depend on the design philosophy of your company and the type of trade show you’re attending. Trade show pop up banners that hang over the main table can help to create more space for product demos while making it easier for attendees to get information about your business before approaching your booth. You can also choose pop-up backdrops that fit on top of the table so that the images of your products and graphics associated with your product’s benefits are clearly seen even if you have limited display space. You can also add flooring and podiums to your exhibit since these can be easy to carry. Lightweight versions are available, so you can set your display up in a matter of minutes.

Additional Features

Even if your pop up exhibition is small, you can still add features like lighting and even music to make your pop up trade show booth more appealing. Spotlights on your main products or colored display lights are a great way to draw the eyes to the right items. You can add customized trimming to your main table as well, or have your table covers embroidered or tie-dyed so that you can still make your mark when you have to use a small display made of easily portable materials.

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