Benefits of a Custom Trade Show Exhibit Design

Every business and industry has unique requirements when it comes to designing a trade show exhibit. No two are alike because clients have different marketing objectives. How these requirements are implemented is based on budgets, goals, and overall look of the display. Meeting these needs is necessary to get the most out of your trade show display.

A custom design can help to create a display that fulfills a client’s needs because it has been built to their requirements. This isn’t always possible with prefab kits that many manufacturers offer. Custom isn’t always the least expensive way to go but it allows for a lot more flexibility in other areas. Prefabricated trade show exhibits still have quite a bit to offer when it comes to effective trade show marketing. They can be less expensive than rentals over the long-term.

In the design process, decisions can be made to use materials that offer less weight in shipping and having fewer pieces to make set-up easier and reduce labor costs. The use of fabrics As walls, rooms and graphic areas is another way to cover large areas with minimal structure, resulting in less weight , With drayage and labor savings. Looking at industry averages can help give an idea on what one can expect to pay for a display. More tips on what to consider can be found here.

Custom trade show exhibits can play a big role in getting you noticed on the show floor. The exhibit floor can be a chaotic place. Going with a custom designed display guarantees that your look will be different than the competition. Along with the structure of the display being unique, creative elements such as interactive displays, 3d elements, and video presentations can also be used to help draw a crowd. Exhibitor Magazine recently ran a feature on award-winning displays, showing several great examples of what is possible with custom display designs.

A custom display could also allow for more flexibility when the need arises to be able to reconfigure the display into different sizes.
Considerations can be made at the beginning of the design process that could allow existing pieces to be arranged into different configurations.

Finally, purchasing a custom trade show exhibit could be a good option if you are a business anticipating minimal changes in the company’s size, product lines, or messaging over the next few years. Any small changes that might occur over the life of the display can be made with minor updates to messages, graphics, or other additions to accommodate new products. With the Exhibit Company, the right display solution, whether you end up renting or buying, is just a click away.