5 Leading-Edge Trade Show Display Ideas

5 Leading-Edge Trade Show Display Ideas

5 Leading-Edge Trade Show Display Ideas

Making the most of a trade show experience has a lot to do with trade show display design. The way you decide to present your display to customers helps them pay more attention to your marketing materials and products. Using the right colors and materials can also make your promo items and overall exhibit look especially polished. There are lots of advancements in the way that displays are built based on technology and artistic trends, so it’s a good idea for you and your team to be aware of these trends so you can put together a display that will hopefully lead to more sales.

Comfortable Space

When you want to invite attendees to your trade show area, make sure that space looks comfortable. A small bar with tools or benches sends the message that people should come and have a seat while learning more about your business. Nice flooring that resembles that of an upscale office building gives potential customers the impression that your company offers a clean and refined environment to do business in. A shelf with edible products that people can take advantage of while charging their electronic devices also adds a great finishing touch to the area and motivates attendees to linger for a while.

“Live” Display Walls

If your company offers products and innovations in farming software and technology, or if you have products that are made from environmentally-friendly ingredients, the main wall with actual plants is a great way to show off your business at a trade show. Small plants peeking out from between wood or recyclable plastic can get the attention of attendees, and you’re likely to draw a large crowd if the plants are colorful or if you have an inventive watering system that is properly contained and keeps the plants looking their best throughout the trade show.

Creative Lighting

Trade show display lights are great for ensuring that all your best promotional items are seen clearly and in a way that will be especially memorable. Using stencils in the shape of your company logo or a geometric shape can make the items you’re displaying even more noticeable. Colored lighting is another way to make your trade show exhibit stand out; the warmer the lighting, the more noticeable it will be. Cooler shades like green and blue can be appealing also, especially if they coordinate with white or tan components of the trade show podium and main table.

Display Stands

Make sure that your trade show display stands are colorful and include special features like lights or various textures. The stands should also be the right size and shape for you to display large banners made from durable materials that will withstand bad weather; the stands should also feature high-definition photos of your logo or main product(s). The display stands can also have bright colors or be made from quality metals so that the stands will be just as attractive as the signs or posters that are on them.

Table Covers

The right table covers can add a pop of color to your exhibit and increase brand recognition since you can display your logo and slogan effectively. Work with trade show display companies to come up with custom designs and borders and choose cover materials based on the type of image you want to portray (i.e. velvet for a company that sells sophisticated products, or a recycled cotton cloth for “green” companies).


Using several design and technological elements to create a distinctive professional display can make you memorable both at and after the trade show. This can lead to long-term customers and even more success at your next trade show.

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