10x10 Displays

10 x 10 booths are rather small. A lot of companies make the mistake of trying to squeeze too many things within a 100 sq ft. space.There is not sufficient room for meeting area in a 10 x 10 space.  A side rail or a cocktail table with 2 stools at bar height for an informal opportunity to offer a seat to an attendee works well within a 10x10 space. It’s not recommended to try to make the booth feel like a lounge. The space is simply too small.

A professional appearance can be accomplished affordably with a fabric printed pop up or a set of three banner stands.  Being such a small space, it’s important to get your message across clearly. Don’t try to have your booth tell your entire story-  just grab their attention with a large colorful graphic. Add optional back lighting for an extra punch. Remember to accomplish 2 things only:  who you are and what you do.

Even though you only have 100 square feet, avoid short staffing. There’s nothing more frustrating to the attendees interested in your product or service than having to walk away because your only staff member is busy helping another potential client.

Although we can build very high-end 10 x 10s, most will be best served with a smaller budget and something that you can set up and tear down yourself. After working the show, the last thing booth workers want is to have to stay around and wait for the empty containers to come back to your space so that things can be packed up. Why not consider a case to counter conversion? Storage cases can be covered with graphics to double as a counter or podium. Don’t have a display and are using banner stands instead? That’s no problem. Banner stands can also be placed into a case that can become a counter. When the show is over, just pack up and be on your way to catch a flight or get back to the office to follow up on important leads that you’ve just worked hard getting at the show.